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Daniel Lynagh c1850

Name: Daniel Lynagh
Sex: Male.
Birth: c1850 in County Donegal, Ireland.
Death: unknown
Father: Father Mathew or Michael Lynagh (c1825) Farmer
Mother: Mother Sarah McGinlay (c1825)
Marriage(s): Spouse Catherine Ann Quigley   On 13th Apr 1880 at Roman Catholic Chapel in Govan.
Occupation(s): 1. Butter and Egg Merchant.         2. Fish Merchant

1880:       7 Langlands Road, Govan, Lanarkshire.
1881:       17 Langlands Road, Govan, Lanarkshire.
1882-85:  22 Harmony Row, Govan Lanarkshire.
1886-87:  874 Govan Road, Govan Lanarkshire.

1888:       80 Harmony Row, Govan Lanarkshire.
1889-93:  23 Thomson Street, Govan, Lanarkshire.
1901:       2 Ingram Street, Govan, Lanarkshire.
1903:       82 Harmony Row, Govan Lanarkshire.

Daniel Lynagh born 1st August 1883 in Govan, Lanarkshire, Scotland and died 17th April 1972 in Paisley, Renfrewshire
John Lynagh born 30th September 1883 in Govan, Lanarkshire, Scotland.
Michael Lynagh born 15th January 1885 in Govan, Lanarkshire, Scotland.
Mary-Ellen Lynagh born 3rd July 1886 in Govan, Lanarkshire, Scotland.
Peter Lynagh born 16th December 1887 in Govan, Lanarkshire, Scotland.
Sarah Lynagh born 28th October 1889 in Govan, Lanarkshire, Scotland and died April 1974 in Shotts, Lanarkshire.
James Lynagh born 5th August 1892 in Govan, Lanarkshire, Scotland and died 26th June 1893 in Govan.
Catherine Ann Lynagh born 23rd August 1893 in Govan, Lanarkshire, Scotland.
Margaret Lynagh born 26th June 1896 in Govan, Lanarkshire, Scotland and died 9th July 1896 in Govan.


Marriage in 1880, witnesses where Bridget Quigley and Andrew Cunningham.

Daniel was recorded as informant at wife Catherine Ann's death.

Daniel is on the 1881, 1891 and 1901 Censuses for Govan.

Daniel's father was recorded as Mathew Lynagh on his 1880 marriage entry, however I have found marriges for a Patrick Lynagh in 1875 and John Lynagh in 1878, both are also Butter & Egg Merchants like Daniel, however both Patrick's and John's parents are Michael Lynagh & Sarah McGinlay and not Mathew Lynagh & Sarah McGinlay, I have been unable to find Daniel's death at GRO Scotland to confirm his fathers name.

No death entry for Daniel at GRO England and a possible match in Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland in 1930.

Street Name Changes:
Ingram Street was renamed to Wick Street. (no longer exists)

Thomson Street ran from where Elderpark Street meets Langlands Road and ran North to meet the Govan Road (Part of what was Thomson Street now forms the part of Fairfield Street which runs north parallell to the park)

General Register Office Scotland
  Marriage: 1880 - GROS Vol: 646/01 0082

1881 Census: GROS Vol: 646/01 035 005
1891 Census: GROS Vol: 646/02 040 007
1901 Census: GROS Vol: 646/02 029 026



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